Ayaprun Elitnaurvik


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  • Ayaprun Elitnaurvigmi elluarrluta Yugtun qaneryaram tunginun elitnauriciqukut: ellaturivkarluki, taikanivkarluki Yugtun piciryaraput, qaneryaraput, yuuyarput-llu.
  • ™We, the community of Ayaprun Elitnaurvik, will strive to provide a high quality Yugtun immersion education: empowering our diverse students by strengthening their knowledge, use, and understanding of Yup’ik core values, language, and culture.


  • It is advantageous to be able to communicate in more than one language.
  • Knowing a second language promotes cognitive development and academic achievement in all subjects.
  • Learning a new language produces insight into that language’s worldview.
  • Second language learning improves a child’s understanding and appreciation of his/her first language.
  • Preparation for college and many careers is enhanced through second language acquisition.
  • Knowledge of a second language promotes cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect and world peace.


  • To provide the benefits of proficiency in Yup’ik language and understanding of Yup’ik culture.
  • To achieve academic growth and mastery of the regular subject area curricula.
  • To provide students with communicative competence in speaking, reading and writing appropriate to their level of language development.
  • To enable students to have expanded educational and career opportunities.
  • To foster in students high levels of motivation, achievement, self-confidence and mutual respect.