NYO (Native Youth Olympics)

–Practice schedule for Spring 2017 here


The events in NYO have a history in the traditional games of our Alaska Native ancestors. These competitions tested abilities that were needed in the subsistence skills of the traditional way of life. Just as skilled hunters passed on their skills and knowledge, today’s NYO athletes pass on their knowledge to the next generation, with hope for success in the sport and in life.

NYO events include the Kneel Jump,


Wrist Carry,


Eskimo Stick Pull,


Toe Kick,


One-Hand Reach,


Two-Foot High Kick,


Indian Stick Pull,

IMG_0928 DSC_1198

One-Foot High Kick,

IMG_2044       IMG_3232

Alaskan High Kick


and Seal Hop.

IMG_0628 IMG_0639

Students in grades 7-12 may join the NYO team. Practices will begin sometime at the beginning of March.

NYO is sponsored by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council; they host the state tournament and provide support and vision for the sport.

From their 2014 Handbook:


We believe in healthy lifestyles for young people reflected in the traditional contests of Native sports:


The purpose of the NYO Games Alaska is to promote:

  • Healthy lifestyles, positive self-esteem, and leadership skills;
  • Appreciation of Alaska Native traditions;
  • Good sportsmanship through friendly athletic competition;
  • Cross cultural understanding.

More information on NYO can be found at the Cook Inlet Tribal Council website.

Head Coach: Tommy Bayayok

Assistant Coach:  Margo Livermore