Schedule for April 20-21

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Buses will run as if it is a Friday Schedule.

BRHS will release students at 2:35

ME, Gladys and Ayaprun will release students as they do on Friday’s to go along with the bus schedule

Friday, April 21, 2017

NO SCHOOL for BRHS, ME, GJE, and Preschool

Ayaprun will have school for First catch, but no buses will be running

KLA  will have a normal week

Contact your child’s school if you have any further questions.

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Bethel Archery

KYUK has an article on Bethel archers:

Good luck at Nationals!

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NYO Results

This past weekend we had our home NYO meet at Gladys Jung. There were 15 different teams and about 200 students who attended ranging from other LKSD schools to as far as Kodiak and Chickaloon (Palmer area). There were many students who achieved their personal bests this past weekend, and all of our BRHS athletes represented our school proudly.
Noah Andrew – 1st place Indian Stick Pull
Delen Hooper – 1st place Indian Stick Pull, 5th place Eskimo Stick Pull
Laney Powell – 2nd place Indian Stick Pull
Tomasina Nicholai – 3rd place Indian Stick Pull, 2nd place Two Foot High Kick, 5th place Wrist Carry
Fiona Phelan – 5th place Seal Hop
Terrell Jimmy – 2nd place Eskimo Stick Pull
Peter Crow – 5th place One Foot High Kick
Marissa Black – 5th place One Foot High Kick
Thomas Phelan – 3rd place Alaskan High Kick, 1st place Two Foot High Kick
Arianna Smith – 2nd Place Kneel Jump
Kelsie Madson – 1st Place Wrist Carry
Ashley Mute – 1st Place Alaskan High Kick, 4th Place One Foot High Kick, 3rd Place Scissors Broad Jump
JoBeth Stuart – 5th Place Alaskan High Kick
Joeli Carlson – 2nd Place One Arm Reach
Clevon Constantine – 1st Place One Foot High Kick, 3rd Place Scissors Broad Jump
John Fredericks – 2nd Place Eskimo Stick Pull
Albert Tulik – 3rd Place Eskimo Stick Pull
Kaymae Crosley – 2nd Place Eskimo Stick Pull
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Moving the Needle Forward

The LKSD School Board is seeking your feedback on how to increase student performance. Over the next three years, we are focusing efforts to increase our graduation rates, academic growth, Yugtun and Cugtun fluency, and attendance rates.

Your feedback is greatly welcomed and will be taken into consideration as we turn these goals into action plans. We need your feedback to continue steering LKSD toward our goals.

Please take a moment to complete our “Moving the Needle” survey. The link below will take you directly to the survey, where you may also choose to learn more about our 4 main goals, or Key Measures:

Moving the Needle Survey

Thank you for contributing your thoughts and feedback in order to help “move the needle” of student achievement forward.

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Special Olympics this Weekend, April 7-8

Special Olympics is early this year!  This year we have added NYO events on Friday; Saturday we will be having our traditional basketball events.

Friday, April 7

  • 8:45-11:30 am: NYO practice in gym
  • 1:45-3 pm: NYO competition in gym

Saturday, April 8

  • 9-4: Basketball games in gym
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