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Academic Programs

Our primary goal is to help teachers and site administrators provide the best educational program possible for LKSD students in both Yup’ik and English. In order to meet this challenge, our responsibilities include all curriculum development and implementation, all state and district assessment, Yup’ik language and culture programs, staff development, and instructional support through grants, training and on-site services.

Language Arts

Sam Crow (High School Language Arts)
Carey Steele (Elementary Language Arts)

The LKSD Junior and Senior High Language Arts Curriculum is aligned to the new Alaska English/Language Arts Standards and offers a sequential program that is designed to emphasize careful reading, writing, and thinking. The precise implementation of the 7-12 Language Arts Program insures both the writing of frequent compositions based on reading material and specific follow-ups after each assignment in all classes.
Adopted Materials

Storytown (K-6)
Glencoe Literature (7th-11th Grade)

Other Resources

Story Town Rescources
Glencoe Reading Resources
Student Writing Wiki
Social Studies

Contact: Chip Abolafia

The vision for social studies in LKSD fosters the ability for all students to understand their world and to build an appreciation for the heritage of America and Alaska with a high degree of literacy in civics, history, economics, and geography.
Adopted Materials

Currently Under Review

Other Resources

LKSD Social Studies Resources

Contact: Carmen Wessels

The LKSD Mathematics Department offers students the opportunity to work together to reason and critically assess mathematical information as they solve problems.
Adopted Materials

Everyday Math (K-6)
Mountain Math (K-9)
Glencoe Math (7th-12th Grade)

Other Resources

Carmen's Math Corner

Contact: Gordon Tester

The LKSD science department believes that science is more than a body of knowledge. Science is a process that allows the students to methodically explore, ask questions, and find answers about the universe around them. The use of experiential hands-on learning promotes enthusiasm and encourages students to think critically in all aspects of learning.
Adopted Materials

GEMS kits (K-6th Grade)
FOSS Kits (K-6th Grade)

Pearson Interactive:
Life Science (7th Grade)
Physical Science (8th Grade)

Prentice Hall Science Explorers:
Earth Science (High School)
Physical Science (High School)

Pearson Biology (High School)

Other Resources

LKSD Science Resources
Life Skills

Contact: Marc Leinberger

LKSD believes successful living in a multicultural society requires students to attain personal skills, abilities and attitudes. LKSD requires two life skills courses for graduation, each being one semester in duration. In Personal Life Skills students acquire knowledge of family functions and trends, roles in society, dating and marriage, prenatal and child development and crisis management. In Consumer Life Skills students study their career options, how to find and keep a job, consumer rights and responsibilities, and money management.
Adopted Materials

Consumer Life Skills:
Preparing for Career Success 2009 3rd Edition

Personal Life Skills
Strengthening Family and Self, 6th Edition
Realityworks Infant Simulators and RealCare Baby Simulators