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Distance Learning

The LKSD utilizes several distance delivery modes to provide junior high and high school students with instruction by highly qualified teachers. These modes include:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.09.24 PMOnline Course- Asynchronous- This refers to an online course that does not require the instructor and student to be online at the same time.

Online Course-Synchronous- This refers to an online courses that include real-time interaction between the instructor and the student(s).

VTC (Video Teleconference) Course-Theses courses meet by two-way video conference. Students at site require a facilitating teacher, while course content is delivered from a VTC instructor at another location. VTC courses may utilize some online content and interactions, but the primary instruction occurs by VTC.

Direct Classroom Instruction- Direct Classroom Instruction refers to instruction delivered with the instructor and the student(s) in the same room.  These are often traditionally delivered semester courses, but the term may also be used to describe the instructional model of an intensive or describe a portion of a hybrid course.

Intensive Course/Experience- An intensive is a course or experience that is contained outside of the traditional semester.  These typically are a few days to a few weeks long and engage the student all day in a focused instructional or career area.

Blended Learning/Course– Blended learning refers to instruction that includes any combination of instructional modes.

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