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Instructional Methods

SIOP: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol


SIOP is a pedagogy selected by the Lower Kuskokwim School District to make academic curriculum accessible to English language learners. SIOP is how we teach.

How a teacher teaches our students is critical. The how in LKSD is designed to enhance understanding of bilingual learners.  The strategies and techniques are explicit in Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model.  Each teacher receives a copy of the book and training is available during the school year to enhance implementation of SIOP in the classroom.

SIOP teaching is intentional and carefully planned. LKSD believes strongly in the ability of a carefully planned, intentionally applied SIOP lesson to increase student learning.

DLE: Dual Language Enrichment

DLE is a pedagogy adopted by the Lower Kuskokwim School District in 2011 to strengthen bilingual programs toward biliteracy in Yugtun and in English. The DLE program is applied sheltered instruction where elements of SIOP are operated. For example, in each of the academic subject areas, as well as throughout much of the day, students work in bilingual pairs so that they interact on a daily basis.

DLE carries its own training program for schools who are implementing the model. The sequence of training is:

  • Site Planning for a day at site by trainers of the Department of Academic Programs and Support (DAPS)
  • Dual Language Teacher Training for three days during the annual LKSD Summer Institute provided by DAPS personnel, as well as Texas-based personnel
  • TOT Dual Language Training for five days in Anchorage by the founders of DLE, Dr. Leo Gomez & Dr. Richard Gomez
  • Refresher courses and leadership meetings throughout the implementing year