Welcome to Our School

Student of the Month – December


Lewis has made a commitment to challenge himself academically and socially. He is increasing his commitment to meet expectations placed before him. His competitive nature drives him to strive for higher grades.  He turns in work on time and gives his best effort to required assignments.

Lewis’ laugh radiates throughout the hallways. His sense of humor adds joy to the day. He is a considerate leader who finds time to help staff and peers. He is very observant and aware of other people’s needs.

As a member of the Kwigillingok volleyball team Lewis was one of the catalyst that unified the team. With his team, Lewis brought a wealth of excitement to Friday, staff-student volleyball games. His effort was recently acknowledged as he was selected to be on the Regional All Tournament volleyball team!

Lewis is the son of Moses and Ernestine Martin.


Kwigillingok School Mission

Students will be taught to prepare themselves for higher education and to survive in Kwigillingok or any other community.  They will be taught to be competent through traditional philosophies and to live to a flourishing life by respecting themselves and others.

Elitnauarat elitnaurumaarkaugut upluki elitnauvsiallerkaatnun cali-llu pingnatugyugngallerkaatnun Kuigilngurmi wall’u allani nunani. Elitnaurutekluku qaillun ellaitnek auluklerkaat qanruyutetgun yuuluaqallerkaatnun-llu ellmeggnun qigcikulluteng wall’u allat yuut.


 Facts About Kwigillingok School

We have approximately 112 students, 12 instructional staff members and 8 support staff members.  Our school is currently being remodeled with a new construction doubling our size. Anticipated completion of construction and remodeling is January 2015.