Attendance and Truancy

Daily school attendance is extremely important for children to succeed at school. Getting your child to school on time, fed and well-rested, and dressed properly for the weather is a key parental responsibility in the education process. By LKSD policy, illness, doctor and dental appointments, and true emergencies are the only approved excuses for absence from school.


When a student establishes a pattern of unexcused tardies or absences, the LKSD Board of Education Policy on Truancy (AR 5113c) will be followed. The process includes parent conferences, meeting with the principal/dean of students, and eventual referral to the LKSD Board of Education for possible legal action under the State Compulsory Attendance Law (Alaska Statute 14.30.020). Every accumulated five days of unexcused absence constitutes a separate incident of truancy.

Parents, you must notify your child’s teacher of the reason for absence no later than the day s/he returns to school. We ask that you please call us as soon as you know your child will be absent. We must hear from you each day your child is absent or late. Our immediate concern is for the safety of children who do not arrive as expected. We also need to hear from you so teachers can provide homework and other information.
Family trips and vacations should be scheduled outside of the school year, if possible. When necessary, please contact your child’s teacher and the principal well in advance to get schoolwork. In the early grades, it is not possible to provide “homework” to make up the missed time, as much of the learning is from teacher-student contact. All extended trips must be approved by the principal.