Recess Information

Please mark your child’s name on or inside all his or her coats, hats, gloves, scarves, snowpants, boots and indoor shoes. This will help prevent their loss.
Exercise and fresh air are especially important for young children. We hold outdoor recess in temperatures as low as to 20˚ below zero windchill! (Please click here to see the chart with the cut-off line based on wind chill and frost bite danger.) So please make sure your child leaves for school with every clothing item needed for cold weather. During the winter this includes boots, snow pants, coat, gloves or mittens, scarves and hats. Since we cannot allow a child to be uncomfortable or injured because of insufficient clothing, and because recess is important for children’s health and classroom conduct, parents will be phoned and asked to bring missing items so their child will not have to miss recess.

Children should walk out to the playground with the teacher in an
orderly fashion.
Children must remain in view of the playground supervisors at all times.
Children cannot play in the swamp area behind the playground equipment.
Children can play in the ball field only if there is a supervisor in the ball field.
If there is a potential for danger in what children are doing, it will be stopped by playground supervisors.
• No wrestling or other rough play
• Stay off the utilidoors
• No throwing things (snowballs or sand)
Children must use all playground equipment properly.
• Do not walk up the slides
• Do not twist on the swings
• No doubles on swings
• “Underdog” is not allowed
• No jumping off swings
• Go one way on the monkey bars
Upon brealing a rule, students will be warned, and then placed in time out on