Student Journalism: Spring 2013

132101-K300-Basile-1eJournalism Online Course
Spring 2013 Enrollment: 60
Fall 2013 Enrollment: 80
Instructor: Vicki Nechodomu

eJournalism is an online elective course offered to high school students in the Lower Kuskokwim School District (LKSD). Their lead instructor in Bethel prepares lessons and posts them online weekly. Students from the remote participating schools then log on throughout the week to learn about photography, and written, audio, and video journalism. Selecting relevant news topics from their own communities, students then try their hand at generating stories, themselves, which are then posted on the LKSD Student News Website.

K300 Event
Enrollment: 13
Instructors: Katie Basile, Chick Beckley, Tad Lindley, Vicki Nechodomu

The ejournalism class also includes a face-to-face element, an intense week-long session in Bethel, January 14-22. This year, 13 students learned under the instruction of 4 teachers while reporting on the local sled dog race, the Kuskokwim 300. It was an exciting week filled with cold weather, musher interviews, and photography, and film. Watch their news stories by clicking the K300 tab above.