Meet our Student Journalists

Spring, 2016: Ten students representing four communities across LKSD will be serving as official LKSD Student Journalists as part of their Multimedia Journalism course.

Madison Abolafia, Bethel, AK

Madison Abolafia is currently in her freshman year and is attending BRHS. Madison lives in Bethel, or in Yup’ik, Mamteriileq. As a matter of fact, she certainly enjoys taking pictures. She reflects that it is a very great experience for her to observe and build media skills. The girl in question likes to interview individuals for journalism and enjoys meeting new people. She is also extremely confident in interviewing and editing.

Jody Agiumuk, Chefornak, AK

Jody Agimuk is a Junior in High school, and he is from Chefornak, Alaska. He is inspired in this class because he wants to have enough credits to graduate. Jody is confident in filming B-roll video because he likes how nature is, and how people act when they don’t know he is recording them. What he likes about life is going hunting, being out at the wilderness, and being alone in the middle of no where.

Hunter Dull, Bethel, AK

Hunter Dull is currently a freshman at Bethel Regional High School. He enjoys taking pictures and videos, as well as conducting interviews. Hunter became interested in media as a small child, when he began experimenting with scenic shots during family trips. He continued developing this interest by completing an Intro to Multimedia course last semester.

Hunter plans to learn how to take photos and videos with a drone, as well as professionally edit and upload them. During his Multimedia Journalism class experience, he is focused on improving his editing skills. After high school, Hunter hopes to attend a University of Alaska campus and become an engineer.

Jayne Hanna, Mekoryuk, AK

Jeyne Hanna is a student from Mekoryuk. She is a junior who is currently attending Nuniwarmiut School; her goals for this semester are to become a teachers aid to help the FLL Lego Robotics team and to put together events for student council and the school. Of her current goals, she wants to advance her skills in video and picture taking in Multimedia Journalism.

Jeyne also enjoys writing news stories, filming, editing, and publishing, videos. Also, she enjoys viewing news stories and pictures as stated above. Since this class includes these activities, she decided to join the class. The other thing she is most comfortable with is news and editing videos. Besides news and videos she enjoys traveling to other villages to document special events. One day, Jayne wishes to become a teacher out in the more rural villages in Alaska.

Adolph Henry, Eek, AK

Adolph Henary is a Sr. in high school and he lives in Eek, Alaska. He is inspired to take this class called Multimedia Journalism because he wants to have experience for college. He is missing one week of of school for this class, and he’s going to have to make up his missing work for the week that he missed.

Adolph is most confident in writing a photo essay. He likes to fish a lot in three different seasons. Lastly, at home, he likes to play video games (only when he’s done doing chores).

Roberta John-Engbreth, Bethel, AK

Roberta John-Engebreth is a freshman from Bethel, Alaska. She initially signed up for the multimedia journalism classes to become a better writer, and was surprised to learn new techniques involving cameras, AV equipment, and making stories. She is most confident in editing video and audio.

After high school, Roberta is considering becoming a nutritionist or pediatrician. However, she plans to be a journalist on the side.

Cyrus Kinegak, Chefornak, AK

Cyrus Kinegak is currently a student attending Chaputnguaq high school, in his junior year. He lives in his hometown, Chefornak. Cyrus was inspired to participate in the Multimedia Journalism class for the second time because he enjoyed traveling, interviewing, and taking pictures and observing nature. Media skills he is most confident in are editing, interviewing, and filming short video clips. Other classes he has participated in were the Intro to Multimedia, Photography, and Film Academy.

Della Petluska, Eek, AK

Della Petluska is a senior in High school and is from Eek, Alaska. Della enjoys playing games and making handmade crafts for family and interested buyers. Della was inspired by photography while taking the Intro to Multimedia class. She feels most confident in taking photography because it is nice and easier to process than making a video. During her free time she also likes to read and relax. Della also has a cute puppy named Bowser, which is black. Her favorite classes this past semester were British Literature and Culinary arts.

Molly Shavings, Mekoryuk, AK

Molly Shavings is a senior in high school and lives in Mekoryuk, AK. She likes all types of media and wants to strengthen her videography skills.

Molly feels confident in taking pictures, because they are easier than making videos. Molly likes traveling to other places. She took this class last year and she liked it. She was excited to come to Bethel and learn more about media. Molly liked two classes last semester they were Art and Native Literature. Her favorite color is blue. Molly is going to go to Job Corp or AVTEC after she is done with school.

Jackie Williams, Mekoryuk, AK

Jackie Williams is a Junior from Mekoryuk, Alaska. Jackie has loved photography since she was 7. She feels most confident in her photography media skills.

After high school, Jackie wants to go to UAA to study culinary arts, with the dream to become a chef or open her own restaurant. While studying culinary arts, she wants to continue to pursue multimedia as well.